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Daily Link Archive
     Friday - 2/29/2008
  world’s smallest bodybuilder
  Obsolete Skills
  The grid of nezahualcoyotl
     Thursday - 2/28/2008
  Toy airport security machine
  4 Years old Drummer
     Wednesday - 2/27/2008
  Find of the day
  I found your camera
     Monday - 2/25/2008
  Garage Game
  Top 5 Drivethru Songs
     Sunday - 2/24/2008
  Tips for Salt Use
     Saturday - 2/23/2008
  World’s strongest 13 yo girl…
  Why you shouldn’t masterbate
  Strange music from Japan
     Friday - 2/22/2008
  Your Mom Lied
  Evolution of Car Logos
     Thursday - 2/21/2008
  Jesus Toys
  Wooden supercar
     Wednesday - 2/20/2008
  Built at 63.02°
  $140,000 Hot Wheel
     Tuesday - 2/19/2008
  Around The World in 195 Days - By Bike
  Ancient calculators
  Too much time
  Still running
     Monday - 2/18/2008
  Cooked dog paws
  Sky turns black
  Star Wars Collection
  The 40 Most Inappropriate Children’s Book Covers
     Sunday - 2/17/2008
  Least Popular Candy Hearts
  Escalator advert
     Saturday - 2/16/2008
  Woman Applying For New ID Says She’s 120
  Dignity Village
     Friday - 2/15/2008
  I’ve Always had a bit of a crush on this gal
  Rat kings are cryptozoological phenomena
  The Secrets Behind Your Favorite Toys
     Thursday - 2/14/2008
  Porn 4 Women
     Wednesday - 2/13/2008
  7 lottery winners who lost their millions
  Compulsive contest enterer
  The Cost of Raising Children
     Tuesday - 2/12/2008
  Top 10 Hunter S. Thompson Quotes
     Saturday - 2/9/2008
  But can you water ski behind it?
  Turkey in Bondage
  10 LEGO Facts
  Germs and You
     Friday - 2/8/2008
  What kids see
  Another great toilet invention
     Thursday - 2/7/2008
  I wonder what his mother thinks of him
  Record 16 pups after living on diet of cod and chips
  Bacon Mats
  Office UFO
     Wednesday - 2/6/2008
  Prosthetic Terminator Make-up
     Tuesday - 2/5/2008
  The 25 Most Nonsensical Protest Signs
  New mammal discovered
  Only in Russia
     Monday - 2/4/2008
  Middle-age is truly depressing
  exorbitant luxury yachts
  Wedding photos
     Sunday - 2/3/2008
  Croatian Smurfs sailed at record attempt
     Saturday - 2/2/2008
  Cartoon Characters Skeletons
  a better way to commute
  Men are no longer needed
     Friday - 2/1/2008
  Catholic Costumes for Children
  Fat Baby in Iran
  Lonely Japanese man make a few too many calls
  Monster Bike
  What Does Your Desk Say About You?

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The stall closest to the door in a bathroom is the cleanest, because it is the least used.