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Daily Link Archive
     Monday - 3/31/2008
  Walmart Growth Video
  10 things your IT guy wants you to know
     Sunday - 3/30/2008
  Playground Art
     Saturday - 3/29/2008
  10 Worst Infomercials Ever
  Leave Britney alone! Look at these beauties, instead
  Good kitty
     Friday - 3/28/2008
     Thursday - 3/27/2008
  hazardous duty pay
  Baby care instructions
     Sunday - 3/23/2008
  Light graffiti
     Tuesday - 3/18/2008
  More Last Suppers
  Other Last Suppers
     Friday - 3/14/2008
  How to save money running a startup
  created with crayola crayons
  Warning labels
     Thursday - 3/13/2008
  Neighbors from Hell
     Wednesday - 3/12/2008
  Truck dancing on the higway
  Things Made of Wood
     Tuesday - 3/11/2008
  Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena
     Monday - 3/10/2008
  German tank recovered from the lake after 62 years
  20 Things I Wish I Had Known
     Sunday - 3/9/2008
  The Greatest Nintendo Games - Playable In Your Browser
  Lip Tattoos
     Saturday - 3/8/2008
  unbelievable things spilled on the road by trucks
  Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos
     Friday - 3/7/2008
  5 signs she’s into you
  The Customer is Not Always Right
  Geek tattoos
  Dog armor
     Thursday - 3/6/2008
  Tattooed Necktie
  Hollow Earth Theory
     Wednesday - 3/5/2008
  Kitty wigs?
  Huge collection of very interesting pictures
     Tuesday - 3/4/2008
  Worst tattoo ever
  pictures tell the story
  Toaster Museum
     Monday - 3/3/2008
  Where you get your diamonds
  fishy facts
     Sunday - 3/2/2008
  About the @ sign
     Saturday - 3/1/2008
  The world’s longest living animals
  The Earth is growing

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