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Daily Link Archive
     Tuesday - 9/30/2008
  Whats the deal with Japanese men and their odd panty fetishes?
     Wednesday - 9/10/2008
  The art of manliness
     Tuesday - 9/9/2008
  tottaly looks like
  How to Travel by Cargo Ship
     Monday - 9/8/2008
  15 cool things to do with Excel
  Weird Olympics photos
     Friday - 9/5/2008
  music top-5 lists
  Baby Game
  How to ruin a picture
  Top 15 Wrong Placed Ads
     Thursday - 9/4/2008
  Anthropomorphic Cannibalism
     Wednesday - 9/3/2008
  Giant Killer Spider!!
  Honest Products
  13 of the Biggest Sinkholes on Earth
  Introducing fortune cookies in China
     Tuesday - 9/2/2008
  Post-it note race

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On average, an American family sends and receives 28 Christmas cards each year.